Murata Ayumi 1st album Track list!

Bold indicates the romanized title. Italic indicates any notes about the track. Original Japanese is in [] where applicable.

KISEKI [キセキ]
1. Summer vacation 4th single
2. OZ 4th single c/w
3. Shining Star 1st single
4. HITOSHIZUKU AI [ヒトシズクアイ] 1st single c/w
5. Phantom
6. MY SAVIOR ~Kitto Soba ni Iru~ [MY SAVIOR~きっとそばにいる~] 2nd single
7. Saigo no Egao (Opening Version) [最後の笑顔(Opening Version)] Castle Fantasia Soundtrack / 2nd single c/w
8. Brilliant Destiny 3rd single
9. Te wo Tsunaide [手をつないで] 3rd single c/w
10. Lonely Lonely Butterfly
11. Mermaid Syndrome [マーメイドシンドローム] Taisen Hot Gimmick Axes-Jong Soundtrack
12. Saigo no Egao (Ending Version) [最後の笑顔(Ending Version)] Castle Fantasia Soundtrack / 2nd single c/w
13. Evergreen ~ Yuiitsu [Evergreen~唯一つ ]

SO! The completely new songs (from what I can tell) are Phantom (track 5), Lonely Lonely Butterfly (track 10), and Evergreen ~ Yuiitsu (track 13). But, this has all of her singles including their c/w songs, so if you haven't bought her singles, this is a GREAT buy.


Akiyama Chinatsu, Yokoi Miho, Kanzaki Jun new musical!

Former Mistress 9 and Seiya Kou Akiyama Chinatsu, former Sailor Pluto Yokoi Miho and former Kern and Death Pa Kanzaki Jun are ALL going to be in the upcoming musical "Girl's Knight" with Hello! Project unit Melon Kinenbi. Kanzaki Jun is the only male and the only non-Hello! Project member playing a lead role.
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Since this is a Hello! Project musical, there's a pretty good chance of it being released on DVD and/or ripped onto a BT tracker.


Murata Ayumi Best of Album Information Clarification

Murata Ayumi's new Best Album is titled "Kiseki" and will retail for 3150 yen (after tax).
It will have 13 songs total.
The songs include:
Summer vacation (4th single)
OZ (4th single c/w song)
Shining star (1st single)
Brilliant Destiny (3rd single)
Saigo no Egao (2nd single c/w song)
Mermaid Syndrome (Previously released on the "Taisen Hot Gimmick Axes-Jong" soundtrack)

The full tracklist has not yet been announced.



Manami DVD up for Pre-Order atYesAsia!

After a series of e-mails with the YesAsia people, Wakayama Manami's "With You" DVD is up for preorder!


New Kawabe Chieco Single!

Kawabe Chieco's new single, Candy Bay Bar/Mermaid is up for preorder at YesAsia! It will be released on July 21st.


Go! Jet Go! Vol. 3

I received an e-mail from Matt with this information!
Go! Jet Go! Vol. 3 will be performed in July. All the Musical girls including Wakayama Manami will be back. They haven't said if Iizuka Yui will be in this show. It seems Vol.2 was a big hit with people.

Thanks a lot Matt, and if you read this - please e-mail me again with a contact e-mail!!


Inami Tomoko in "Boy from Oz"

According to her website, Inami Tomoko is going to be in the production of "Boy from Oz" at Aoyama Gekijou from June 10th - 27th.
Sakamoto Masayuki from V6 is set to star in the production. There was no mention of what role Tomoko was playing.